MK CF68 series Capsule Fiter


CF68series Capsule Filters are ready-to-use units for critical applications and small volume flows of gases and liquids. All filter units consist of a durable pp housing and are available in various filter media and pore sizes. The housing units are thermal welded and all capsule filters have many connection options. They are manufactured in a clean room environment and are processes in double sealed packaging to avoid any possible contamination.

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Characteristic advantages


A variety of filter materials and Connection types are available ink filtration
High temperature resistance, excellent mechanical strength Biological solutions Filtration
Thermal welding, without any adhesive Chemical solutions filtration
Extensive chemical compatibility Gas Filtration
Pure water washing, keep cleaning Culture medium and medicine liquid filtration
Safe to use and easy to operate Corrosive liquids Filtration
100% pass integrity test


Housing Material PP
Filter Media PP, Nylon, PES, PTFE, PVDF …
Housing Diameter Φ68mm
Filter length 2.5”,5”,10”
Effective filtration area 2.5” ≥1200cm²
5”  ≥2400cm²
10” ≥4800cm²

Operating Parameters

PH 1~13
Working Temperature ≤65℃
Maximum Working Temperature 85℃,△ P ≤ 0.1Mpa
Maximum Working Pressure 0.50Mpa/21℃
Forward maximum pressure difference 0.42Mpa/21℃





For example “CF682H1M25PP010”

68 series Capsule Filter, inlet/outlet 1/4”Hose barb, vent/drain M10Lock, Length 2.5”, PP 0.1um





Filter Media

Pore size

CF68 1H-1/8” hose barb 1M=M10Lock 25=2.5” PP 010-0.1
2H-1/4” hose barb 1M=M10Lock 50=5” PES 022-0.22
2HFB-1/4” hose barb 1M=M10Lock 100=10” NY/Nylon 045-0.45
3H-3/8” hose barb 1M=M10Lock PVL/Hydrophilic PVDF 065-0.65
4H-1/2” hose barb 1M=M10Lock PTL/Hydrophilic PTFE 080-0.8
1N-1/8” NPT 1M=M10Lock PVB/Hydrophobic PVDF 100-1.0
2N-1/4” NPT 1M=M10Lock PTB/Hydrophobic PTFE 300-3.0
4N-1/2” NPT 1M=M10Lock 500-5.0
MT-0.5”TC 1H-1/8”hose barb 1000-10
TC-1.5”TC 1H-1/8”hose barb
1Q-1/8″Male Quick Coupling 1M=M10LOCK
2Q- 1/4″Male Quick Coupling 1M=M10LOCK