PES Membrane Filter


Microlab® PES Membrane(Polyethersulfone)is made of a modified polyethersulfone polymer cast.The optimized asymmetric structure, enhanced hydrophilicity and high porosity provides extraordinary high flow rate and contaminants retention capacity. The product uniformity results in consistent filtration performance. Its high mechanical strength supports most kinds of assembling technologies.  It is designed to remove particulates during general filtration, and its low protein and drug binding characteristics make it ideally suited for life science application.

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•Inherently hydrophilic

•Superior thermal stability

•Low Drug and Protein Adsorption

•Low Extractables

•Wide Range of Pore Sizes

•outstanding Flow Rates & Longer Life

•Lot-to-lot Consistency

Typical Application

•Water filtration

•Especial chemical reagent filtration

•Liquid of high temperature filtration

•Sterile filtering protein solution

•Tissue culture media filtration.

•Tissue culture additive filtration.

Technical Parameter

Membrane  PES (Polyethersulfone)
Wettability   Hydrophilic
Color/ Filter surface White/ Plain
 Membrane Format  Disc,Roll, Sheet, Strip,Customizable
Thickness(μm)   100±15
Max. Operating pressure 4.2bar@23℃
PH 6-13
Pore  Size(μm) 0.1μm 0.22μm 0.45μm 0.65μm 0.8μm 1.0μm 1.2μm 5.0μm
Water Flow rate

25℃ △p=0.07Mpa


>5 >8 >18
Bubble Point(Bar) ≥3.4 ≥2.7 ≥1.9 ≥1.1 ≥0.8 ≥0.6 ≥0.4
Sterilization Compatibility Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide,E-Beam, Gamma lrradiation
Endotoxin levels <0.25 Eu/ml utilizing 400cm2/400 ml S.W.F.I per Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate(LAL) test
Extractables <1%(<0.015mg/cm2)
BSA Protein Binding <20 μg/cm2



Disc Membrane

Part No.



Pore Size(μm)


M13PES022 13 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M13PES045 13 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M25PES022 25 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M25PES045 25 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M47PES022 47 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M47PES045 47 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M47PES022S 47 Gamma Sterile 0.22 100/PK
M47PES045S 47 Gamma Sterile 0.45 100/PK
M90PES022 90 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M90PES045 90 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M142PES022 142 Non-sterile 0.22 50/PK
M142PES045 142 Non-sterile 0.45 50/PK

Roll Membrane

Part No.


Pore Size(μm)


MPES270010 0.27*100 0.1 1
MPES270022 0.27*100 0.22 1
MPES270045 0.27*100 0.45 1
MPES270065 0.27*100 0.8 1
MPES270080 0.27*100 1.0 1
MPES270100 0.27*100 3.0 1
MPES270120 0.27*100 5.0 1
MPES270500 0.27*100 10 1