Vials Rack


Microlab offer both PP/ Acrylic Vial Racks and Vial box, which are easy handling and transportation of sample vials


1.PP/Acrylic vial racks are resistant to most solvents.
2.Transparent racks easy for cleaning.
3.Color Vial Racks easy for choosing.
4.Stable standing position because of solid construction.
5.Four sizes of racks suitable for all sample vials.

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VR02A Acrylic Vial Rack, Transparent 50#, Dia. 12.5mm for 2ml Vials
VR04A Acrylic Vial Rack,Transparent 50#, Dia. 16.5mm for 4ml Vials
VR20A Acrylic Vial Rack, Transparent 50#, Dia. 22.5mm for Headspace Vials
VR24A Acrylic Vial Rack, Transparent 50#, Dia. 28.5mm for 24-400 Vials
VR02P PP Vial Rack, Blue 50#, Dia. 12mm for 2ml Vials
VR04P PP Vial Rack, Blue 50#, Dia. 16mm for 4ml Vials
VR20P PP Vial Rack, White 40#, Dia.24mm for Headspace Vials
VR24P PP Vial Rack, White 40#, Dia. 28mm for 24-400 Vials
VB02P PP Vial box with numbered Cap, Transparent 100#, 12mm for 2ml Vials