MCE Membrane Filter


Microlab® mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane filters are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. lt’s one of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications. MCE membrane filter is characterized by smoother and more uniform surface than pure nitrocellulose(NC)Membrane filter. Also, the color contrast provided by the filter surface,facilitates particle detection and minimizes eye fatigue. Microlab® also supplies sterile gridded Membrane Filters with or without adsorbent pads.

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•High porosity

•High purity: Triton-free

•High protein binding

•Good hydrophilicity, high throughput

•High degree of internal surface area for greater adsorption

•Uniform pore structure, consistent thickness, smooth surface

•Sterile options available for microbiological analysis 

•Biologically inert with good thermal stability

Typical Application

•HPLC sample preparation

•Aqueous and solvent filtration

•Sterile filtration or clarification of media and buffers

•Bio assays

•Microbiology analysis

•Clarification of aqueous solutions, particle removal and analysis

•QC of fluid holding tanks, fluid monitoring, air monitoring, particle collection and analysis.

Technical Parameter

Membrane  MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester)
Wettability   Hydrophilic
Color/ Filter surface White, Black, Grid/Plain
 Membrane Format  Disc,Roll, Sheet, Strip,Customizable
Membrane Structure Disc:MCE Membrane

Roll:Strength Membrane with support

Thickness(μm) Disc:  80±10


Max. Operating pressure Disc:


PH 4-8
Pore  Size(μm) 0.1μm 0.22μm 0.45μm 0.8μm 1.0μm 3.0μm 5.0μm 8.0μm
Water Flow rate

25℃ △p=0.07Mpa


≥7 ≥10 ≥34 ≥124 ≥153 ≥260 ≥330 ≥480
Bubble Point(Mpa) ≥0.47 ≥0.39 ≥0.29 ≥0.11 ≥0.1 ≥0.07 ≥0.04 ≥0.03
Sterilization Compatibility Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide,E-Beam, Gamma irradiation



Disc Membrane

Part No.



Pore Size(μm)


M13MCE022 13 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M13MCE045 13 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M25MCE022 25 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M25MCE045 25 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M47MCE022 47 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045 47 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M90MCE022 90 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M90MCE045 90 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M142MCE022 142 Non-sterile 0.22 50/pk
M142MCE045 142 Non-sterile 0.45 50/pk
M293MCE022 293 Non-sterile 0.22 25/pk
M293MCE045 293 Non-sterile 0.45 25/pk

Sterile Membrane

Part No.

Diameter (mm)


Pore Size(μm)


M47MCE022S 47 White 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045S 47 White 0.45 100/PK
M47MCE022BS 47 Black 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045BS 47 Black 0.45 100/PK
M47MCE022GWS 47 White/Grid 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045GWS 47 White/Grid 0.45 100/PK
M47MCE022GBS 47 Black/ Grid 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045GBS 47 Black/ Grid 0.45 100/PK
M47MCE022GWSP 47 White/Grid/ Pad 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045GWSP 47 White/Grid/ Pad 0.45 100/PK
M47MCE022GBSP 47 Black/ Grid/ Pad 0.22 100/PK
M47MCE045GBSP 47 Black/ Grid/ Pad 0.45 100/PK