CN Membrane Filter


Microlab® Cellulose Nitrate membrane filters are indicated for many general laboratory applications where a membrane with a high non-specific adsorption is suitable. They are hydrophilic, have high flow rates thanks to their symmetric structure and are compatible with aqueous solutions (pH 4 to 8), hydrocarbons and several other organic solvents. The cellulose nitrate membranes are available in different pore sizes from 0.2 μm to 8 μm.

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• High flow rates

• Hydrophilic

• Aqueous and organic solvent compatible

•For particle retention and cell capture in aqueous solutions or air

Typical Application

•HPLC sample preparation

•Aqueous and solvent filtration

•Sterile filtration or clarification of media and buffers

•Microbiology analysis  

•Clarification of aqueous solutions, particle removal and analysis

•QC of fluid holding tanks, fluid monitoring, air monitoring, particle collection and analysis

Technical Parameter

Membrane  CN ( Cellulose Nitrate)
Wettability   Hydrophilic
Color/ Filter surface White, Grid/Plain
 Membrane Format  Disc, Sheet, Customizable
Membrane Structure Disc:CN Membrane
Thickness(μm) Disc:  80±10
Max. Operating pressure Disc:


PH 4-8
Pore  Size(μm) 0.1μm 0.22μm 0.45μm 0.8μm 1.0μm 3.0μm 5.0μm 8.0μm
Water Flow rate

25℃ △p=0.07Mpa


≥7 ≥10 ≥34 ≥124 ≥153 ≥260 ≥330 ≥480
Bubble Point(Mpa) ≥0.47 ≥0.39 ≥0.29 ≥0.11 ≥0.1 ≥0.07 ≥0.04 ≥0.03
Sterilization Compatibility Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide,E-Beam, Gamma irradiation




Disc Membrane

Part No.



Pore Size(μm)


M13CN022 13 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M13CN045 13 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M25CN022 25 Non-sterile 0.22 200/PK
M25CN045 25 Non-sterile 0.45 200/PK
M47CN022 47 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M47CN045 47 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M90CN022 90 Non-sterile 0.22 100/PK
M90CN045 90 Non-sterile 0.45 100/PK
M142CN022 142 Non-sterile 0.22 50/pk
M142CN045 142 Non-sterile 0.45 50/pk
M293CN022 293 Non-sterile 0.22 25/pk
M293CN045 293 Non-sterile 0.45 25/pk

Sterile Membrane

Part No.

Diameter (mm)


Pore Size(μm)


M47CN022S 47 White 0.22 100/PK
M47CN045S 47 White 0.45 100/PK
M47CN022GWS 47 White/Grid 0.22 100/PK
M47CN045GWS 47 White/Grid 0.45 100/PK
M47CN022GWSP 47 White/Grid/ Pad 0.22 100/PK
M47CN045GWSP 47 White/Grid/ Pad 0.45 100/PK